The software of ask of the production enterprises
The main tasks of information service of the automated enterprise management system include the following:

Картинки по запросу SOFTWARE

  • ensuring transparency of information for strategic planning and the use of invested capital for management;
  • providing management with information on the structure of total and unit costs and the possibility of reallocation of resources in operational planning;
  • implementation of the system of operational management of the enterprise on key indicators (cost, cost structure, level of profitability, efficiency of use of the vehicle);
  • ensuring timely detection of bottlenecks”;
  • continuous provision of dispatching services of the logistics chain with reliable, relevant and adequate information on the possibility and fulfillment of the order for transportation (on the flow of material, transport and information processes);
  • ensuring the profitability of the enterprise by optimizing logistics business processes.
    The basis of information provision are structured database of all the activities and the corresponding database management system. The peculiarity of production systems is a significant amount of diverse information that needs to be linked into a single structure. The modern level of automated production management systems is a powerful integrated information systems under the General term ERP – system.

Due to the broad functional capacity of such a system is called control systems of the company (UPC). These systems can be divided into four classes according to their functionality and level of integration. Local systems are used by small narrow-profile enterprises, where the volume of databases is relatively small, the number of structural units is also small (for example, trade, transport and other services). A separate group consists of financial systems that serve primarily banks, state regulatory authorities.

The next group of systems serves large enterprises of full-profile production, where all components of ERP-systems, powerful databases are needed, but the work is carried out within the framework of local enterprise systems. The fourth group of UPC is necessary to serve the needs of international corporations, holdings and the like, where external telecommunications networks between the local systems of individual enterprises of the Corporation are used. Table 4.1 shows the UPC most common in the region.

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