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Samsung brings the Galaxy Fold: a promise not fulfilled

Samsung brings the Galaxy Fold: a promise not fulfilled
The company could not fix the main drawback of a complex smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Fold

On April 22, Samsung decided to postpone the start of sales of its complex galaxy Fold smartphone worth almost $2,000 due to problems with the flexible display. Recall that smartphones began to break down a few days after operation. When dust gets under the screen in place of the hinge, the screen began to bulge and break. This is unacceptable in the modern world, given that the cost of the smartphone is about $ 2000.

Картинки по запросу Samsung brings the Galaxy Fold

The report says that the company is currently working on a solution to the problem with the smartphone screen and even making some progress. However, along with this, Samsung is not yet ready to name the exact date of sending Galaxy Fold to its customers. The situation is unlikely to change in a few weeks. The Corporation could not solve this problem immediately, however, the number of people who pre-ordered this device is quite huge.

It seems that the promised 2 weeks of correction of deficiencies gradually flow into an indefinite period.

Recall that Apple for the first time in a long time released a mobile game for iPhone. Note that this is the first time in 10 years. However, the game is not so difficult to deal with its development for many years. In any case, the company has released a curious game that will help you kill a couple of evenings behind your smartphone.

Before Snaige reported that Huawei surprised the world with a bold decision. It is reported that the Corporation likes to make loud advertising, thereby attracting a new audience to its products, but this time the company has surpassed itself. The P30 is Huawei Pro is now emblazoned on a 40-storey skyscraper.

Know.ia wrote that the iconic iPhone SE, 6 and 6s smartphones are officially discontinued. Apple will no longer produce the old models of smartphones. Note that even today these smartphones are very popular. Due to the low cost and excellent optimization of the device can support most mobile applications, and display them without problems.

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