Remove immediately: these apps are killing your smartphone

Remove immediately: these apps are killing your smartphone

Named applications that discharge your phone faster than others


Smartphones and other mobile gadgets have long become an integral part of the life of modern people. In addition to its direct function, they are used for many other operations. Each mobile phone owner has dozens of different programs – from games to banking. Many of them were very bulky and sit down quickly charge your phone. In order not to be worn constantly with power Bank’ami and not be tied to the outlet, you should remove several Android applications.


According to many studies, it is Facebook that holds the palm of the most “insatiable” programs. This program “eats” a huge amount of memory in the phone. In addition, it reduces the operating time of the mobile device itself. And how can you not remember the annoying messages that are often annoying.

Alternatively, you can offer to use the mobile version in any convenient browser.

Weather forecast

Картинки по запросу Remove immediately

A bunch of unnecessary widgets, Wallpapers, maps, and animations are built into weather apps. As a result, all these unnecessary bells and whistles only discharge the phone faster.

Want to know what the weather is tomorrow? Open Google.


Google employees take great care that the developers put in their store. Therefore, any dangerous applications are removed from the Play Market very quickly. If you do not use questionable or hacked programs, then there is nothing to protect your phone from. Anti-viruses only waste your smartphone’s memory.

Any suspicions about the virus? Download antivirus, check it by using the telephone and delete this program.

System optimizers

Clean Master cleans the phone cache, removes old programs. So it is considered. In fact, there is no benefit from Clean Master and similar applications. On the contrary, when you clear the memory, the phone only slows down. On top of that, optimizers constantly reproach you with tons of advertising.

It is better to forget about memory optimization. In order to clean the cache, you can use the built-in features.

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