Night charging" kills " your smartphone, and here's why

Night charging” kills ” your smartphone, and here’s why

By this time you are quite wrong to charge your gadget

What do experts think?

Experts believe that charging a mobile phone at night is a bad and dangerous idea.Quite often we put mobile gadgets on night charge to see in the morning enthusiastically full battery. But according to experts, a long connection to the charges will only harm the battery.

Each time the charge reaches 100%, the battery life of the phone decreases. Experts explain this by the fact that as soon as the charge drops by 1%, the charging module is turned on again and the number of battery charging cycles is reduced by one. Also, constant recharge keeps it in a state of “stress”, which also has a bad effect on life expectancy.”

For example, by discharging each time to zero and then charging to 100%, the lithium-ion battery can withstand only 500 charge cycles. Discharge-When charging at 50% service life increases to one and a half thousand cycles.

“When the battery is charged — disconnect the gadget from the charger. It’s like with soft yazes, which should be relaxed after the exercises, so that they do not get sick,” experts say “batteries University”.

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According to them, when fully charged, the power source is reduced.

How to prevent this problem?

For the most efficient operation of the phone battery, it is recommended to disconnect the charge from the device after reaching 80% of the charge. It is noted that full discharge reduces this battery life.To the battery is not subjected to “stress” after serving and longer, it is better to feed it if possible several times during the day. You can do this from a car charger on the way to work and back, or in the office from a laptop.

Despite all of the above, sometimes even lithium-ion batteries will be useful to discharge “zero”. Experts recommend to arrange a laptop smartphone or a “workout” once a month. This allows the gadget to calibrate the electronics, which is responsible for the correct display of the charge level. Without this, when the battery is constantly recharged in small portions, the charge indicator will begin to “lie”.

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