Google has officially introduced the operating system Android Q

Google has officially introduced the operating system Android Q

Google has officially introduced a new version of the operating system Android 10. The presentation was held during the exhibition Google I / O 2019. At the same time, beta testing of Android 10 (or Android Q) launched a few months ago.

What’s new?

Картинки по запросу Android Q

Android 10 will be able to work with smartphones that have a flexible screen, that is, the system will respond adequately to the opening of such devices. The work of applications and games in this case will not stop.

Another tribute to the trends and demands in the market is the support of 5G networks.

Interesting chips!

Android 10 has added a live Caption feature that converts speech to text. The new option will work in any application.

Also, new users are offered to expand the functionality of data privacy, the ability to track and limit the time spent with a smartphone, and strengthening the capabilities of parental control.

Another interesting feature is Smart Reply. It is built into the notification system in Android, so any application will be able to offer answers in notifications, as well as predict the next user action.

Interesting smart Reply function

In order not to distract the user in Android 10 added a new focus mode that will help to focus on something specific without being distracted by another.

Which brands will be available to upgrade to Android 10:


However, during the presentation did not specify which specific models will be updated. Google implies the following beta version (Beta 3). It is known that it will be available for 21 smartphone models.

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