Google has introduced a new 3D card

Google has introduced a new 3D card

Google has introduced an advanced mapping service, which is expected to strengthen its position as a leader in this market. Google is in a hurry to update its mapping service, because it fears that Apple may abandon it in favor of its application, which will replace Google Maps on smartphones and tablet computers.

At a press conference in San Francisco on June 6, Google demonstrated the technology of three-dimensional image maps. To do this, the company uses public and commercial data, information from millions of its users, as well as satellite, panoramic and aerial photographs.

Картинки по запросу Google has introduced a new 3D card

The user is able to view a three-dimensional image that can be scrolled, moving in space.By the end of the year, Google plans to create such maps for all cities with a population of over 300 thousand people.In addition, Google is preparing to release a version of maps for phones and computers on the Android platform, which can be used without an Internet connection.

“We are pleased to announce that within a few weeks this feature will be available for Android users in more than 100 countries, including Ukraine. Now you can use the maps even in places where there is no Internet coverage,” – said in a statement Brian McClendon, Vice President of development of Google Maps, posted on the official blog of Google.

“Personal helicopter”

Google announces the use of new technologies for processing and computer recognition of images. They allow you to automatically recreate urban landscapes and terrain in 3D format based on aerial images taken at an angle of 45 degrees.At the presentation in San Francisco, the audience was shown a demonstration flight over the city administration, the city hall and the waterfront.

“We’re trying to do miracles here. It’s almost as if you were flying over the city in your own helicopter,” said Peter birch, project Manager at Google Maps. He compared the new three-dimensional Google map with the “wings of Superman.”

Initially, the area of megacities were not specified, but Mr. birch pointed out that three-dimensional maps will be implemented on the territory of American and international cities.Brian McClendon hopes that in the next few years Google will be able to use even more innovative technologies in the development of map services.”Our maps may never be 100% perfect, but we’re getting closer and closer to that goal every day,” said the Vice President of Google Maps development.

Battle of the platforms

If Apple really removes Google maps from its mobile devices, as recently reported by the wall Street Journal, then this, according to many experts, will grow into a large-scale confrontation between the giants of the market.

“This will be bad news for Google, but it is unlikely to greatly affect the company’s profits. And this may push it to develop an even better mapping application that can be downloaded from iTunes, if Apple does not try to block it,” – said the expert of the computer industry Greg sterling.

“It’s a battle of platforms,” says D-Ann Eisnor, Vice President of Waze, which produces a free navigation app for mobile devices.But, if the war on the app market has begun, it has already gone beyond the battle between Android and IOS platforms.Google has angered partners in the fall of last year after the introduction of fees for the commercial use of their cards.

Through this social network with the function of geolocation foursquare, subscribers of which are about 20 million people, refused to cooperate with Google in favor of the non-profit project OpenStreetMap.

John Jackson, an analyst at CCS Insight consulting Agency in Boston, agrees that this is a “war of platforms,” adding that this is a battle for the future of the mobile device industry.

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