Future technologies: 3D printers that print chocolate and candy

Future technologies: 3D printers that print chocolate and candy

At the International exhibition of consumer electronics (CES) in Las Vegas presented two 3D printers that can print sweets. Industrial production of these devices should begin already during this year. The presented printers are able to print chocolate and sugar-based sweets in a variety of forms that would be difficult to create using traditional methods.

On a smaller printer, Chefjet has a name, you can print only one-color delicacy, while the larger – Chefjet Pro – allows you to create multi-colored candies.At the same time, experts say that due to the high price, the sale of these printers will be limited.

The basic version will cost about $ 5,000, while the more “advanced” option will cost twice as much.In addition to devices that print sweets, the American company-developer of 3D Systems presented other new products, in particular a printer that can print ceramic products, and a printer that creates multi-colored plastic products.

Today most 3D printers in this price range was used for prototyping models, to see how will look the future product, but about making goods ready for consumption and sale, the speech was not.

Printed sweets

Both inventions of the 3D Systems company can print a delicacy from chocolate or sugar with aroma of vanilla, mint, green Apple, cherry and melon.The larger of the two devices Chefjet Pro differs in that, mixing different ingredients, can also create images of photographic quality.

Sweets are created by layer-by-layer printing. First, the printer prints a sugar layer, and then with the help of an inkjet head, a layer of water is applied to the mixture to freeze. This allows you to create not just a treat, but usable in complex designs, which sometimes even have moving parts.

In addition to the miracle printers, the manufacturer will also release a “Book of digital recipes”, which will help beginners learn how to print sweets.3D Systems is not the only company that presented such 3D printers at the current exhibition. Its version of a similar device called Foodini was also demonstrated by the Spanish company Natural Machines. Her invention is able to print chocolate and ravioli.

Printers that can print food, is of interest to NASA. It is known that the space Agency is funding the development of a device that will be able to print food for astronauts.In General, the current exhibition in Las Vegas their 3D prinetr of different orientation presented more than 30 companies from all over the world, which testifies to the serious competition in the industry of 3D printing.

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