In the US for the first time issued a permit for the delivery of goods by drones. The Federal aviation administration of the United States issued Wing, which is owned by the parent company Google (Alphabet), a license to the airline.

This means that in the near future Wing will be able to deliver a variety of products to its customers using drones.The first service will be available to several communities in Virginia.

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Ways to start the drone with the use of

1. Rescue operation

In June last year in Norfolk missing husband, and found him only thanks to the police drone, which took him stuck in the swamp.

As moose a drone regarded Lasers, the eagles and the radar: how in the world are fighting with drones As drones to Colombia looking for a cocaine farm
75-year-old Peter Pugh was walking home through the wetlands, suddenly the tide began.

According to the man, he tried to swim to the next field, but got stuck  in a dense reeds. 22 hours after the disappearance, a police drone recorded a video of Mr. Pew in a swamp, armpit-deep in water. Police said that without the help of a drone would not be able to find it so quickly, because the helicopter could not fly so close to the ground. Drones equipped with thermal cameras were also used to search for missing people in the United States.

2. Delivery

In 2016, the British government announced that it is in talks with Amazon about the fact that in the British sky appeared drones that will deliver goods. This issue is still being worked on. Andy sage, who is responsible for drones at the British air traffic service Nats, told the air force that it is expected that test deliveries of parcels will continue this year.”But they will be very limited,” he said. “And then, I think, we can expect that they will become more common in Britain – somewhere in a few years,” he continued.Drones are already being used for delivery in Shanghai, where the food delivery service is Ele.me has leveraged this technology to reduce its operating costs.In Rwanda, unmanned aerial vehicles are used to transport important goods – blood and medicines.

Doctors in rural areas make an order using a text message, after which they are sent drones with the necessary things. They fly at 80 km/h and drop their cargo at their destination.

The company explains that drones will deliver food and medicines from local shops and pharmacies.To pass the certification, Wing had to prove that its delivery of goods using drones is less dangerous for pedestrians than cars.Wing – is the first company in the United States, has received the official right to provide such services. Everyone else is allowed to deliver only in test mode.

However, such a step of the Federal aviation administration may mean that wing competitors will soon receive a similar license.Airline status means that Wing’s activities will be governed by the same principles as the traditional airline’s robot.Same resolution Wing recently provided by Australian government.

Residents of one of the regions near Canberra drones are already delivering coffee and ice cream.However, not everyone is happy with the service: some residents complain that drones are too noisy and interfere with them.

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